Speaker Package

Over the years we have frequently been asked to film seminars, speeches and workshops. The speakers want to be able to demonstrate their speaking ability, or to have the talks available for their website.

A properly filmed live event needs stage lighting to create that dynamic experience and properly executed audio so that both the audience can hear it, and the recorded feed comes through clean.

The standard cost to produce this would be $5,000-8,000! We have developed this product to get you a video for a starting price of only $1200.

You deliver amazing seminars, and we deliver the videos that capture them.

Package Includes…

  • 1 hour of shooting time
  • Up to 40 minutes of talk time, or up to 4 talks totalling 40 minutes
  • Your branding and contact information within the video
  • Multiple video editing options to fit your budget
  • Electronic copies that you keep, no monthly fees
  • A venue with stage lighting and an experienced audio technician

Video Package Details

  1. You get one hour, to record up to four talks, totalling no more than 40 minutes of run time. The additional time is for set up and testimonial recordings.
  2. We provide the venue, you provide the audience.
  3. We provide the computer for your PowerPoint demonstration, for live recording.
  4. You can choose 3-4 clients you wish to be interviewed, or we can do so before the shoot.
  5. We will have two cameras to give increased coverage. We will capture reactions of the audience as well and focus on the testimonial candidates.

Production Day

Your presentation recorded with multiple angles and audience reactions.

Editing options

You can choose any combination of the following options, and space them out according to budget.


A testimonial video with pieces of the talk spliced in. This demonstrates the talk and gives the crucial audience feedback. End run time will be 2-3 minutes.


A short segment of the talk to give a taste of the presentation. Powerpoint will not be integrated into this. End run time will be 1-2 minutes.


The full talk or talks, multiple angles, and PowerPoint integrated. The entire talk will be put together, but no testimonials used.

Testimonial Sample

This sample testimonial video gives you an overall example of what you will style of footage you will receive with any of the options. The videos are delivered electronically and are yours to keep, no monthly fees or subscription costs.