Testimonial Package

Video is now. It increases your web presence, and the power of your website. A testimonial video is 3 times more effective than written testimonials. 3 times! If you receive 3 times the business, how much more will your business make?

You need a professional video that clearly represents you, and we produce that video.

Package Includes…

  • 3 Client Testimonials built to tell your business story
  • 5 hour shoot day – enough time to go to your client’s locations
  • Your branding and contact information throughout the video
  • A completed video within 2-4 weeks
  • An electronic copy that you keep, no monthly fees

Testimonial Video Package Details

  1. You will receive a short list of questions about your business to help guide the video and assist in creating the questions we use to interview your clients.
  2. You choose three clients you wish to be interviewed.  We can discuss what you are looking for, we suggest choosing the clients that you most want more of.
  3. We schedule the shoot.  We are happy to contact your clients directly to schedule, or if you feel more comfortable interacting with your clients instead at this stage, you are welcome to coordinate this.  The shoot will be a half day (5 hours), we can go to your client’s locations, or we can arrange for a central location.

Typically, we interview the clients, and the interviews last around 15 mins.  If we go to their location, we are generally there for 45-60 minutes including setup.

After shooting, the first edit takes 7-10 days.  The video is around 90 secs long.